How to seduce a Woman or Girl

How to seduce a woman

How to Seduce a woman,girl,man,boy friend in bed for sex with attractive and effective tips and ideas based on personality,words and dressing.

How to seduce a woman

Sometimes we think hard to how to seduce a woman,even for a kiss for this we run over tips and ideas for this. How many of you succeed in this job? I think very few. Seducing or attract a boyfriend,man or how to seduce a woman becomes a hard job sometimes. Some makes this job for a kiss from a girl, and some try to seduce a married woman for sex in bed. Some try to seduce a girl on fb (facebook) or phone by words, like this so many.

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So now we are going with 5 ways for the above job which helps you to attract or seduce some one.

Play Hard To Get

Girls like it when you play a little hard to get. Even though you are letting her know that
you are available you can also put in the hard to get card. But don’t confuse her about
your intention and don’t go overboard with your act. Keep it a little flirty and naughty. Now we can go to the next step on how to seduce a woman.

Present yourself well

You may find it very hard to impress girls if u dress like a total looser. So cheer up and dress well and be presentable. Dress well in fitted clothes that matches your type. Invest in better clothes and you can see a change in your sex life. Dressing style to attract should be depending your physique. Your shoes trousers and shirt or T-shirt should be matching with your body.

Good perfume

A man who smells good always gets the girls. Buy a good perfume with a manly scent
and let your smell do the taking. Maybe you can use Axe after all.


Most woman may not be huge gadget freaks. But they do like it when they see a man with a good gadget. A smart phone, an iPad or a good car will do the trick. Use your gadget without being to flashy and your attraction meter will rise. But don’t thing the question how to seduce a woman is an expensive one.

Confidence is the key

The ways you walk and behave definitely add to your attraction meter. You need to me confident and believe in yourself. Of course this is not the things you can buy that will help you be the above. But what you must do is tell yourself that you can do it and keep a little faith in yourself. If you believe that you can attract girls then you will attract them. You need to be classy and gentle to get noticed in a crowd.

Talking manner

The main thing to be specified in how to seduce a woman is talking. It’s so important than your looks and status. Speak in a gentle way and make her know that you are very much interested in her. Certain tips to be followed while how to seduce a woman are as follows

  • Admire her looks and beauty whenever you talk to her. Never mind flattering her every now and then.
  • When you speak over phone or message her just address her has dear or so. They would like to be called sweetly.
  • Speak about love, romantic songs, films etc. You can make her think of certain feelings.
  • Find out her interested areas and talk more in such areas.
  • Casually get into the topic of sex from a normal talk.Speak cunningly about sex ,make her know that you are interested and thinking about sex these days.
  • Keep in mind that don’t speak about sex vulgarly.

Your behavior

This is the most important thing in the subject how to seduce a woman. The movements of the hand and the look of your eyes while talking are so important .Lets deal with such things. Have you ever thought about the movement of your hand while talking to her? If not think about it seriously.

  • While talking try to place your hand around the knee of her it casually so that she won’t suspect you.
  • You can hold her in the hips casually when you are standing while talking.
  • Just beat her naughtily in her biceps without giving a pain.
  • If you have an opportunity to go ahead with her hand, that’s a good sign.
  • Look for some time to her face constantly without talking that will make her know that you love watching her.
  • Always keep your lips wet, because that will give her some feeling.


The atmosphere is too important equally while seducing a woman. Even if a girl or woman is seduced, you won’t get her unless the surrounding is favorable. So the surroundings and the atmosphere around should be romantic and comfortable. So atmosphere makes some thing in how to seduce a woman.

  • Relaxation time is a favorable time for such kind of thoughts.
  • Always select times in the evenings or night to meet her.
  • Get her to dim lighted place of such kind of romantic places.
  • Rain is a favorable factor while seducing. Share umbrella with her during rains. This is an opportunity to hold her tight.
  • Winter seasons also tempts woman for sex. When it’s cold it is a chance for you to seduce her.

Her sensual areas

Every woman will love the feel , look and touch in her sensitive areas.will have a discussion on the most sensual areas in the woman body. This makes the subject how to seduce woman easy.

  • The genitals, breasts and neck are the most common areas. As everyone knows these are the most sensual areas.
  • The finger tips in legs and hands. This is where the nerve ends and have a high stimulation in these areas.
  • Touch in the ears will make the woman or girl excited.
  • Below the knee of the leg is portion were u could get while sitting in a beach or so.
  • The feel there will also make a girl or woman in cloud 9.
  • The back side of the upper body, just above the waist is the place where girls will get a comforted feeling.
  • If you touch the inner side of her arms below armpits ,that will make a woman or girl under your control.
  • Similarly the inner thighs is also a place like that.

That’s all for how to seduce a woman or girl, now make practical.

If you are confident with my article, then go forward and one more thing I want to suggest you is start with a passionate kiss for a good start.

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  • I am in love with a married women she has two kids her husband is engineer in ship i know that she also loves me right now i am abroad due to my job for two years we communicate by phone for an hours when nobody is at her home we are communicating from one year but now she is refusing me saying that i dont love you i was just making joke of you either she is fear of getting caught i love her with my deep heart and i want to make long lasting relationship please help me

    • first u meet her and then talk to her when no one is there….sorry to say that but u should be a bit cunney ……I had the same story like this but differnt in proffission almost came close to the lady … positive if u reqire any assistance reply me…hoping u will get her….all the best bro…

  • Thank u very much.. Dis is very useful blog.. I want to seduce my neighbour aunt for sex.. I wil try des steps and seduce her.. I wnt her badly from 3 months but am waiting for right opportunity.. Please mail some tips to my mail ID for seducing her..

  • Hey… i wanted to know that.. how to touch her ears, Below the knee of the leg is portion,inner side of her arms below armpits,inner thighs…. Please give me some tricks to touch these.. organs.

  • Well, if she’s a teenage girl, I know she like most RX attraction sprays colognes and that is help to attract girls.

  • I am a boy of 23years old i want to seduce my cousin who even show me her breasts but does not want me to kiss,touch,…her but i want to have sex with her,how can i proceede?

  • well,,i wanna seduce a women.she gave m oil massage on my back daily only just 2 mints and in this condition i m half naked mean my hips and legs are covered only.i want to have sex with her what should i do???

  • hi i thik we should all line up in a circle boy girl boys with boner and girls with strap on and fuck like a cho cho train oh yeah , lots of touching there, and yes married and cousins and mums and grannys.

  • i want to seduce my house mate girl,she use to pass by me going to bath what can i do for her to have sex with me please help

    • Try putting some coliform on a small cloth come up behind her grab her and hold her tight placing the cloth over her face. Good luck.

  • I want to seduce my aunt very badly from last 4months.. she come to know and remains away from me pls any help
    Can help any aunt for phone or Real sex just mail once

  • hi all,.
    you people need to get marry before having sex with anybody. if you sex with someone. you will lose your confidence when you will be with your wife at bed, .
    avoid it. and give respect to your woman. before this. anybody apply these techniques on your sister or mother. hope every body will give attention and think about it. have a good luck.
    take care.

  • how to seduce an aunty staying in our home i am an 22year old student..she is an mallu aunty..pls sugest ideas

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